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Set of 2 Candlesticks

Set of 2- Silver Candlesticks with Crystal Block

Large Candlestick- 22″H

Small Candlestick- 17″H

Retail: $350.00

Our Price: $234.99

Teal Swirl Lamps

Teal Swirl Lamps

2 Available

8.25″ Dia x 32″ H

Retail Price: $400.00

Our Price: $374.99 each

One Hand Balancing Act

Inspired by gymnast in motion, these graceful sculptures can stand alone on a pedestal or mix beautifully into any interior.

7″L x 5.5″W x 18.25″H

Retail: $299.00

Our Price: $265.99


Artist Prints

Abstract Artist Prints

2 Available

Retail: $400.00

Our Price: $319.99 each

Horse Sculpture

1 Available

20″H x 20″W

Retail: $375.00

Our Price: $299.99


Ballet Sculpture

A beautiful mix of cast iron, iron wire, and sheet brass.

Painted gold details.

10.5″L x 6″W x 14.5″H

One available

Retail: $400.00

Our Price: $329.99


Metallic Animal Sculptures

Elegant Chrome Animals

Elephant and Giraffe available in showroom

Bright Silver Elephant 9.5″L x 4″W x 8″H

Bright Silver Giraffe 8″L x 2.5″W x 10″H

Retail: $58.00 (elephant) and $45.00 (giraffe)

Our Price: $44.99 (elephant) and $34.99 (giraffe)


Vintage 1950’s Boy

Vintage 1950’s Boy (with trinket holder at the back)

6.25″H x 3.25″W

Retail: $125.00

Our Price: $99.99

Birds of a Feather


Colorful Bird Prints

3 Available

24″H x 18″W

Retail: $375.00

Our Price: $249.99

Hand-Colored Antique Prints

Hand-Colored Antique Art

“Sheep in the Meadow” and “Cows in the Meadow”

21″W x 17.5″H

Retail: $425.00 Each

Our Price: $319.00 Each


Still Life Canvas


Still Life Art

40″ x 36″ Canvas

Retail: $720.00

Our Price: $599.99


Bunny Tureen

Bunny Tureen

10 1/2″ L x 5″ W

Great for storage.  Has a lid!

Retail: $98.99

Our Price: $49.99

Blue Abstract Art

2 Available

Size: 32″H x 24″W

Retail: $450.00

Discounted to: $375.99


Blush Pillows

Several blush pillows available/ Multiple styles

Retail: $332.00

Our Price: $165.99 each

Granilla Glass Birds

glass birds, designer accessories, sculptures

Baby Blue Birds

Retail: $20.99– small bird and $25.99– large bird

Our Price: $10.99- small bird and $15.99- large bird

Only 1 Left!


White Artichoke Bowl

White Artichoke Bowl

1 Available

White Artichoke Bowl (bowl only)

Retail: $327.00

Our Price: $259.99


Grass in Shell

2 Available

Size: 7″ W x 5.5″ H

Retail: $65.99

Our Price: $49.99

Parisienne Table Lamp

2 Available

Size: 27″ H x 8″W (with shade)

Retail: $659.99

Our Price: $629.99


Polyresin Deer

2 Available

Size: 18″L x 15″W x 19″ H

Retail: $92.99 Each

Our Price: $65.99 Each


Wooden Khaliya Tray

2 Available

Size:24″L x 8″W x 3″H


Our Price: $61.99


Hand Carved Gold Birds

1 Available ea.
Small: 9″ H, Large: 11″ H
Large Retail: $160.99
Our Price: $ 120.99
Small Retail: $135.99
Our Price: $100.99


Blue and White Vases

Sm: 13″ H
Lg: 16″ H
Sm Retal: $89.00
Sm Our Price: 59.99
Lg Retail: $110.00
Lg Our Price: 79.99

Abstract Art

1 Available
38″ H x 49.5″ W
Retail: $753.99
Our Price: $628.99


Pair of Leaf Vases

1 of Each Available
Small: 8.5″ H, Large: 13″ H
Retail: Small $48.00,  Large $58.00
Our Price:  Small $30.99, Large $35.99


Blue Vase Lamps

2 Available
30″ H x 9″ W
Retail: $ 597.99 
Our Price:  $439.99


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