It is that time of year again for the winter market in Atlanta.  I am excited to be going!  We are returning vintage rugs that we bought back in December to try at client’s homes.  Two of the rugs worked, and it feels like such an accomplishment.  Rugs are difficult to find the right one, especially if it is hand knotted or original.  Rugs were missing from client’s purchases during the recession, but rugs have made a big comeback.    An email from the Atlanta market came today and some of the exciting areas of design they mentioned were the change in metals from silver and polished nickel to copper, gold, and black/bronze.  Another mention were velvets, that have been strong for a while, but the colors are a bit bolder.  Emerald green was implied as a strong new color, as well.  I love emerald green, and the freshness of the color is very pleasing.  I don’t think you will have any worries if you interjected aqua and teals into your home this past year, but now you can add a bit of emerald green to those colors.

The Pantone color of the year for 20l9 is Vibrant Living Coral.  Corals can be reddish or pinkish, whichever one you prefer.  So, adding this color in places can be fun.  My current project for a client has both colors on her sofa.  In the same home, we carried the corals, aqua, teals, and blues throughout the house.  Our clients that love blue will not deviate from it.  You can try, but those clients are strong in what they like.  Coral reflects an overall message of comfort, authenticity, and human togetherness according to Pantone.  Pantone says Coral brings us optimism and warmth to kick off 20l9.