Is there an old piece sitting at your home, looking its age? You wonder, what would it look like with new upholstery? Before you think about re-upholstering an antique or older piece of furniture, ask yourself these three questions: do you love the style; is the frame in good condition, and do you have a place for it in your existing home? Don’t let sentiment for the piece take over when it comes to the cost of reupholstering. Now if the piece just begs for a facelift, and you know it fits with your home and style, then it’s worth the outlay that is required to refresh a piece with new springs, foam and upholstery.

It’s common knowledge but to get a great job, you will need to find a very good upholsterer, one who has years of experience and who appreciates antiques. The upholsterer will assess your piece and let you know what work is required together with cost and fabric yardage estimate. Decide how practical you need the fabric to be and whether you want to be true to the original period or style. Keep in mind where the piece is placed and how much use to expect when deciding between practical or fanciful fabrics. While an upholsterer will have all the technical skills, when it comes to selecting the fabric and the finishing touches you should seek professional help at an interiors showroom. That is one of the many services we offer at June DeLugas Interiors. We can look at the existing room and give advice on fabric, colors and look.

Come see the Antiques kiosk at June Deluges Interiors which features a touch screen that displays over 2000 antiques. We can help you quickly get that job done so you can fall back into that favorite piece, put your feet up and sigh over a job well done!