What is proportion? How does it relate to design? Designers define proportion as the relationship in size or shape between one object and another and to tangible elements of a room. Shape and size are more discernable than other factors such as color and contrast. Educating your eye, from learning how to look, comes from certain mathematical principles. Proportion comes from a matter of good judgment one accrues over a lifetime of looking at the best examples. When it comes to laying out a room, I use my good judgment and experience to either make it symmetrical or asymmetrical. I look at whether we need tall pieces in a room or artwork on another wall to balance the overall scale of the room and weight. You don’t want a room filled with oversized furniture out of making too strong a statement. Laying out rooms on paper allows designers to concentrate on all the proportions of furnishing, artwork and rugs to scale. Most designers can see immediately when looking at someone’s space, what is wrong and what needs to be done. Remember, proportion is extremely important. Hire a designer to lay out your rooms. He or she will have a trained eye.

The photos in today’s blog relate to scale of lighting placement. The outdoor lighting is scaled for the front door. The two other photos show a 16’ foyer. June DeLugas Interiors drew this crystal lighting fixture to scale and had it fabricated for the space indicated.