Who would think a day at the beach would give you inspiration for design? But, for me it allowed my mind to slow down and think clearly. Ideas flowed and I could not wait to get back to start implementing them. The weather was beautiful with low humidity and cool breezes. One can Imagine simpler times while on the beaches of Wrightsville Beach, NC. We stayed at the end of Shell Island where the beach is on the balcony side and the intercoastal waterway is parallel on the front side. The rising and setting sun was also enjoyable while listening to the sound of the ocean. I hated to leave this place that was nudging me back to refocus on life and the simpler things. But I feel really equipped to give our clients the best that there is with design and expertise with their houses, something I also love. Creating comfortable spaces and happy places for families is a real joy for us. It is the same feeling as I had at the beach this past weekend. I also visited a few antique stores where I always pick up something for our store and that unusual accessory with clients in mind. The historic district in Wilmington was also amazing with its architecture dating back to the late 18th century.

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