Recently, one of our clients said they want some color.  Our designer antennas are tuned in when we hear the word “color”.  We like intertwining color where we can.  Color can be beautifully done, and as designers, we are here to help!

There are many color introverts that turn to the steadfast comfort of neutral palettes for their safety net.   I get it.  But it is fun when someone does want color.  Only after nudging from interior designers are these types of personalities willing to allow some color into their homes.  I love interjecting the idea of painting a piece of main furniture for some extreme color accents.  And if they will let us, several more pieces of furniture are a good idea to balance pieces around the home.  Upholstery and fabric companies are sending us more options for fabrics with color, including the entire spectrum of color.  Greens, blues, teals, corals, browns, golds and more.  So, if a client likes a particular color or more, we can find it.  As a design firm, we have loads of choices for fabrics.  Embroidery fabrics are popular for pillows and chairs.  Those are quite impressive!

Of course, if you want safe, artwork can be such a nice accent and display of color.  We also love pillows and rugs if a client wants to keep their walls neutral.   It is our goal to make homes warm and inviting.  We also work hard on unique furniture case good pieces and good lighting.  With a fresh coat of paint, changing out some lighting, and possibly a bit of wallpaper, you will have a new look.   To create the look, what we are talking about also calls for texture variances.  For example, antique heirlooms revamped.  Adding those personal items will put a smile on your face.  Think about your next project and how you would like to interject COLOR into your project.