We just finished installing window treatments, wallpaper, and living room furniture for one of our projects.  We wallpapered the dining room, powder bathroom, provided rugs, furnishings, and lighting.  It does not stop there.  We then provided the labor to remove pediments above the fireplace and the front foyer office door.  We also project managed the painters and provided all the finishes and the painters to paint the entire inside of the home.  These types of projects require moving our strategic planning to the next step.  It begins with a CAD drawing and planning to arrange furnishings, fabric and furniture selection, and final meetings with the client for final decisions.  Once those decisions are made, we start with staff meetings to schedule out the project, follow the product status for our delivery schedule, implement our subs, and final delivery of window treatments to finish the project.  We have a huge library of furniture books and lighting.  We have a design center for remodeling to select finishes, hardware, tile, and countertops.   We also offer CAD and Sketchup to schematically plan the proper sizes of new furnishings.  Our ultimate goal is to create spaces that our clients will be comfortable with.   A New Timeless Home.