January is the month of tying up loose ends from one year and looking towards the new year to come.   For me, it is planning all the changes for June DeLugas Interiors’ store and showroom. As well as dreaming of what we are going to do that is awe inspiring for our customers, clients, and retail shoppers.      January is also the month that we suggest to everyone to start planning for their Spring projects.  Your plans need to include a designer or professional.  We like to take our time and plan the best solution that exceeds your expectations.   That plan might be a kitchen or bath remodel or new furniture, art, lamps, and accessories.    You might have in mind that you need to update with all new paint colors throughout the house.   Whatever your thoughts are, it is best to call a professional like us to help with your project.

Our design firm will sit with you and take down all the information needed to create your dream.  We start with a CAD drawing with the best possible layout to scale.   If it is a kitchen, we also start with the CAD drawing, adding elements of design; such as granite counter tops, new plumbing accessories, tile back splashes, cabinets (style and color), hardware for the cabinets, paint colors and furnishings if needed.  Once our client approves the plan, we then provide the costing estimates and if we are lucky obtain the okay to start.   We hire and schedule the subcontractors.   For most bathroom and kitchen remodels it is a three-month effort.     Now, you must take into account that the inspectors have a mind of their own and the suppliers may not have the product you have selected, which means the project can be delayed while waiting on the product of choice to come in.

I am finding that granite and hard surfaces, such as quartz, are the hardest part of the job as there does not seem to be as many choices as we had a few years ago-  or I might say what we really want within budget. With our past several clients, we put the granite or quartz countertop on hold very early in the process.    We also want the client to know that planning in advance is most important.  With recent projects, a vendor called and said they dropped one of the quartz slabs we had selected after driving to Raleigh to put it on reserve months in advance.  They also informed her that they did not have anymore and could not find a supplier to replace the same pattern.    Sometimes you just must regroup and find alternatives.     Recently we had two clients tell us that they don’t know how we do this every day.  In other words, without a professional helping, you might get a bit frustrated.

We love what we do and appreciate the finished look.   Since we understand the process and want to alleviate the headaches for you, we offer a turn key option for your future remodel.  A note to remember, it will be great in the end and worth the trouble and mess you had to go through to get there.