Questions that our clients often ask include, “How long will the new prints we are seeing everywhere stay current in my home…for instance geometrics, chevron prints, circles and large florals? 

My answer to this question is typically eight to ten years. Home furnishings styles cycle.  We designers are currently seeing more modern and transitional prints.  As a matter of fact, some of the new colors and prints resemble the 1960s.  Each time I pick up a magazine, I feel like I have seen the new prints somewhere in time, or at someone’s home over the years.  We are called into homes each week where clients desire to update a traditional twist to suit modern cleaner lines.  It can be done professionally with a few changes by focusing on client’s needs that influence choices.  First prioritize and focus on practical problem-solving and comfort.  Furniture, rugs, and light fixtures should be the first to be updated.  Accessories, lamps, and artwork can be filled in over time. “Less is more” when it comes to table top décor and accessorizing to update your classic pieces.  Color, form, and texture set the tone. 

In addition to updating the style of the home, we now have many clients requesting more durable, stain resistant fabrics and upholstery that can stand up to rambunctious children and pets.  We are selling Sunbrella fabrics for indoors as much as outdoors.  We also look for Teflon treated fabrics for durability.  North Carolina companies like Pearson, Hickory Chair, Hickory White, and Miles Talbott/Michael Thomas all have these choices.   

A clue to this season’s diverse color prediction is….soothing neutrals, vibrant glazed greens, intense Prussian blues, sun-kissed blues, saturated pinks, and bright yellows.  

Happy Thanksgiving, & God Bless