I can’t pick up a single design book that does not have blue and white or blue accents in it.  Blue and white is a staple for designers, whether it is an entire color scheme or just a pop of the classic combination here and there.  I can think of a multitude of ways of using blue and white accessories.

Center a group of blue and white on your dining table, adding a punch with fresh white flowers.  Accent book shelves with blue and white jars or vases of blue.  Framed natural agates have become popular in all shades of blue. Natural blue coral on shelving or placed on a table are good ways to add that pop of blue.    Play with the scale of your accessories, juxtaposing high and low. Layer a blue throw over a neutral sofa.  A Blue and white bowl, simple and understated can be used on a coffee table or an island and it does not need something in it.  Blue is one of those colors that goes with just about every color in your decorating scheme.  Modern or Traditional, blue goes.

Collect your treasures and display them, that has always been my philosophy.


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