We begin with texture and build. Texture makes most every room interesting. Items of interest are case goods (wood pieces), mirrors, rugs, artwork, countertops, backsplash, window treatments, pillows, and furnishings all together. You might find a mirror that has an interesting frame or a sculptural sideboard in tones of gray or steel, upholstery side chairs, marble sleek desk, ceramic or brass lamps are but a few. Create a room that keeps your eye moving. A geometrically patterned rug would be a good start for your room to build around it. We would rather start with a rug if we can. A sofa in a neutral velvet with colorful accent modern fabric pillows and complimentary chairs. These days, some people are asking for a moody room, which can be fun to design. We love light and the play of light on all the textures we put in a room, but if someone asks, we can design a moody room. Start collecting your textured items to put your room together and if you need help, reach out to a reputable design firm. Remember it is all in the design details.