We started with our clients on a timeline to refurbish and remodel an existing master bathroom.  I found the couple to be so delightful to work with.  They are in a semi-retirement community where everyone takes care of each other.  Last week, my client had many visitors because they all knew that their neighbor’s remodeled bathroom would be finished soon, so they wanted to take a peek.  I was just as excited to see the end product as they were. 

The before and after photos normally tell a story without explaining, but I want to add a few details.  The clients wanted to tear out their garden tub to make a walk in shower with a seat and more room.  As we began to choose the tile, new plumbing, niches, mirror, cabinet, and glass shower door, it all began to come together.  For the existing shower which was only a 3’ x 3’, the couple gained a linen closet.  They were so excited about this useful addition.  They also mentioned that they liked the new height for the counter top, as well as the height of their commode.    You don’t often realize that a few amenities will make a huge difference, but they now know that these changes will improve their life and lifestyle.


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