When a repeat client came to me and said to me “We have been looking around at sofas and chairs and we are so confused.   I need you”.  It is always good to hear those words, whether from a customer, your own child, or a friend.

Since my memory is photogenic when it comes to houses that I have been in, I could remember every square inch of her home and it was an easy problem for me to solve for this family.    I had the measurements on file from the remodel project we handled a few years ago and put a plan together that I knew they would love.   I laid out two possible room choices:  one was a grayish fabric, with blue patterns for the pillows, and the other was more of a tan grouping with different blue patterns for pillows and ottomans.    They chose the tan fabric for both the sofa and chairs (with my nudging).    Blue leaf patterned pillows were used on the sofa and blue paisley print pillows were placed in the chairs with a blue/tan texture fabric for the ottomans.  What a beautiful collection culminated by adding a new rug of tan and cream geometric pattern.

I took photos of the room so I could pull artwork and accessories for their next project.  The room looked twice as big and another happy client!