Market predicts a resurgence of “Casually Styled” spaces.  This is no surprise to me when for the past 5 years my clients tell me that they want a lived in home.   The Market definition of casually styled spaces is mismatched, yet sentimental, where handmade goods take center stage.  Americans are asking for handmade tactile items and the most important transition is that they are asking for American made.  They have realized that it has to start with their own purchases at home to bring our products back to America.  At June DeLugas Interiors, we pride ourselves by offering American made products.  We work very hard at all the markets to find those special items or furnishings.

Market announcements describe undone, curiosity, and wild spirit with the new items they are introducing this year at market.  Artful, eclectic creations to reflect a sense of personal style for this casual trend.