Lighting & furnishings are just a few of the areas where we offer professional help.   Some weeks, we may go to someone’s house to select paint colors only.  Other weeks, we go out and our customer is wanting a more pulled together look along with their new paint colors.  Last week we started a remodel for a master bathroom.  All of you know that we start off by creating a CAD of the room and the possibilities.  My own home is getting a kitchen uplift starting in January.   We will be uploading photos from the project weekly once we start.  The kitchen is preplanned by June DeLugas Interiors, Inc., but changes are often made midway through the process due to the homeowner changing their mind or let’s say the designer at hand.   Asking one’s husband may not always be the best idea when they have a different opinion.  But that engineering quality comes in handy sometimes.  Just give him a hammer and nails and he can install artwork like no one else.  He has his laser ready to hang side by side triptychs straight across.  The point being is that we offer the whole enchilada.   Planning is essential for any project and to have a pulled together look…you cannot go out and just buy something.  For us, we specify the size of the sofa, pillows, rug, lamps, end tables, and artwork.  Take a good hard look at your home.  For the New Year, treat yourself to a spruced-up look.