I have always been attracted to the whole French culture, their art, and their furnishings.  When I watch movies, it is about the houses more than the theme of the movie.  Most of them are decorated perfectly.  It might be a rustic house, a French modern house, a traditional, English Tudor, or a contemporary.  Have you seen “Something’s Got to Give”, “The Holiday”, or “It’s Complicated”?  These movies all have a similar style and I often wonder if the same set designer designed them all.  Lighting is a very important element of your home.  Generally, a spec house needs lighting to be changed out to make the house your own.  That is the first thing I typically suggest.  A few new lighting replacements can make all the difference.  You may not be able to replace all the lights at one time.  When you go through houses on tour, what is the first thing you notice?  For me, it is the lighting.  These days our homes are more important than ever.  Working remotely and homeschooling has been integrated into our homes.  Sometimes we change the inside structure to accommodate a need for working spaces.  The important thing is to figure out what the needs are of our clients.