We go to the Atlanta market to be educated ahead of time before the High Point market.  We learn so much because we can concentrate on the newest and greatest at this market.  At the High Point market, we are normally working on furniture and rugs for clients.  Something new that I saw trending this market are natural antique materials from Africa.  I saw antique vintage rugs and beads that are used as accessories on coffee tables and accented on fabrics and furniture.  I found it interesting.  African vintage fabrics can range from beige/brown to deep indigo blues.  I have always loved textiles, so you know this caught my fancy.  As I finish up my own bath remodel, forced by a crack in the tile, I find myself drawn to these exciting textiles and rugs.  Of course, my husband says we have enough stuff, when he saw me veering.  He went along to carry my purse and to drive.  He is right of course, but when you are creative, the juices flow.    If you stay in the neutral natural textiles for your main décor, you can change out all the other accessories, lamps, and artwork.    Because I can have the best of both worlds by seeing it in the business I do and going home to a comfortable home that I enjoy, it is easy to create the same for your clients.    For me with my bedroom and bathroom, I will make it as serene as possible.  It is where I go to rest at night.   When I get up in the mornings, I sit in my comfortable chair and drink a cup of coffee to wake up.  I love my space and you should too.  You can see through my eyes in the photos of what your next project might be.     What do you think of the market finds and trends?