I just got back from a project where we furnished an outdoor living space. We sat on the covered porch and the breeze was so nice. Extremely comfortable seating. We ate lunch, drank tea, and had a fun time. I do not have room for an outdoor kitchen so it made me think about building a home where I could also add an outdoor kitchen. But, of course, you know how that goes. We have two more clients that we are going to be helping design and furnish in the upcoming year and months ahead.  The finished outdoor space was beautiful with blues and taupe colors to work with from the stone we selected for the porch. Travertine is a beautiful stone. Of course, you must seal travertine to protect it from dirt and pollen. There is so much you can use on the flooring for the deck of a porch, blue stone and tile are some that come to mind. When we start on a project like this, we start with the floor, then the cabinet material, and then comes the top. The grill is normally stainless steel and sometimes there is a sink and small refrigerator. It just depends on the client and their needs. Everywhere you look, there will be details to consider.