We are getting more and more calls from Baby Boomers wanting to downsize and needing help with the entire process.  We are able to provide them an itemized strategic plan to transition into their new, albeit smaller, living quarters.

It all begins with “what do we do with all of this stuff?”   These choices can be a real concern for our clients.  It is an imposing task that will require many hours or sorting and decision-making, lots of help from family and friends, as well as some serious emotional stress.  We then review the new living quarters and take an inventory of their current furniture.  Making a check list of what they want to keep, then narrowing that list down to what they need to keep can help ease the stress.  We aren’t talking about the major pieces of furniture like the sofa and bedroom pieces, but all of the accumulated holdings, mementos, toys for grandkids, and other items forgotten in the attic, but once thought too precious to dispose of.  Don’t forget the deck furniture, which translates to a few comfortable chairs versus the current spread of a sofa, a table with eight chairs and several additional club chairs.  We are all hoarders at some level.
Another factor to consider is the size of their new living quarters.  Most people downsize to half of the space they are currently living in, which means more than a 50% reduction in possessions.  These days, many children do not have an interest in their parent’s “treasures”, as they have already started accumulating their own version of material goods.

If the neighborhood allows for yard sales, it is a good starting point.  We can also bring in an auction firm to purchase and pick up larger and more valuable pieces.  Our clients tell us that those checks are especially nice when they receive them.    We don’t normally recommend eBay or Craig’s List unless they have a family member who is willing to pack and ship items, as well as keep up with the listings.  It is estimated that as many as 45 million households will be making the transition of downsizing in 2015.
Are you looking to downsize from your current home?  Make the call today and let June DeLugas Interiors ease your transition.