As a little girl, I loved going to the local fabric shops with my Mom. We looked for hours at patterns, beautiful fabrics, and embellishments. Personal influences are the most prominent in our decisions as to where life takes us. I was very lucky that I could watch and learn how to sew from my Mom. I have no doubt that sewing added an important aspect to my life as a creative person. My father could look at something and fabricate it, like making a part for the lawnmower out of scraps, yet still able to creatively paint walls with a design. He must have had both sides of his brain working to be an engineer and artistic. I have no doubt that I inherited both my Mom and Dad’s creativeness. Visual balance is really the mantra that helped me through all my undertakings. The sense of equilibrium is an instinctual feeling and what I work toward, no matter what the undertaking or style might be.