The preference for the past 4 or 5 years is remodeling bathrooms that are outdated.  We are the beneficiaries of that appetite.  We are a remodeling and full service design firm that offers turnkey design of any space and execution of the project.  Most of our clients need much help to accomplish such undertakings.   This includes matching all of the plumbing fixtures, selecting light fixtures, and new hardware on the cabinets.  It is amazing the number of decisions that have to be made to tear out a bathroom and add back the necessary plumbing, cabinets, tile, lighting, hardware, and venting.  Sometimes the client wants to turn the bathtub into a walk in shower and sometimes they want to change the old built-in to a free standing claw foot tub.  Whichever, the remodel should be classic so it will be timeless.  Keeping the bathroom neutral, to a point, is very helpful for the timeless effect.  Aging in place is important as the baby boomers retire.   We design cabinets to accommodate a wheelchair aspect or walker, if necessary.  The doors under the sinks have tile under them with no bottom and they glide back into the cabinets to leave an opening for either the wheelchair or the walker.   Complete walk in showers without a ledge are popular so that as you age, you will not trip or you can roll the walker into it.  There are also Schlueter drains that allow the water to drain along the side of the shower.  If the floor is heated, the door can be left off, but either way the door can be a barn door that opens wide for the access of a wheelchair or walker or it can open from the center and be frameless.    We have come a long way with designs to accommodate the ADA standards for aging in place.