The hottest colors so far this year are coral and teal, and again blue.  Teal can be blue or green.  Gold finishes for lighting accented with these colors are beautiful and fresh.  The new light fixtures and hardware for cabinets are beginning to coordinate their finishes of warm golds.   Champagne bronze is one of the new color names for gold.  Soft gold rather than brassy gold is the finish of choice.    Fabrics coming in to our store are a mix of these colors.  A few years ago, we could not find anything in coral.  All blues are staying on the best color charts, as well.  We saw a huge mix of blue and coral at the Atlanta market in January.   I ordered new pillows in all these colors to brighten the store for the upcoming Spring season.  The change of seasons makes us all interested in changing our homes.  Some people tire easily of color changes.  Some, however, crave color.   We are always excited, as a design firm, to see the newest style and color.  Sometimes we know the trends will not stay.  Some of the magazines have gone so eclectic, you can’t tell whether there is a style or a plan to the room.   However, I love all the bright colors being introduced for this season.    With pillows, bedding, furniture, and artwork, there are so many ways to add those colors to your home.  Neutral walls, sofas, and the nucleus of a home gives you a chance to change whenever you get a whim.  Cabinet colors are showing up in colors as well, such as blue-green, teal, gray, and green.    Although neutral is a stable color, the hottest colors are also showing up on the walls again.  Imagine that!