We take clients where they need to be with the design process and give them the help they need.  Even with our current Covid l9 situation, people are purchasing homes at a high rate.  Some folks wonder if it is the low interest rates or the fact that most of  us want to feel safe.   Our homes are our haven and feeling safe is important to us.  So, whether it is the low interest rates or the safe zone feeling, we can help you to be comfortable and create an interesting décor to boot.  Mixing traditional with southern modern is a skill that takes time to develop, if that is the look that you want.  If it is farmhouse or cottage, we have great tools to find the furnishings you need.  Our selections are endless.   Clients often want to furnish their homes and changing the furnishings can be enough, even if the basics of the house are outdated.  New furnishings and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for an uplift.  Remodeling is more involved and one has to commit to the hours of planning, several months of mess and dirt, and the chaos living.  But, the results are lifetime.  Remember the end results, beautiful and livable.