A design project for us could be a whole house project or just one room of curtains, as well as all the many other aspects of the home in between.  When we begin a curtain job, we pour over all of our fabric manufacturer’s books and their websites looking for just the perfect fabric.  Then we begin the process of what my associate calls “Hardware University”.  It takes countless elements to put a design together, including the pricing, and is no easy task.    We fashion the design, fabric, hardware, and colors, create a sketch of the proposal and then off we go to show the “beautiful idea” to our client.

I began sewing with my Mom at about 12 years old.  It is an art that is normally passed down from Mother to daughter, as was to me.  Designing window treatments begins with the basics of sewing and understanding how the fabric needs to drape and what is the best style for the window and room.    We strive for timeless, classic and elegant solutions.  The current most popular fabrics are:  geometrics, silk/linens, print cottons, linens and print linens.