There are so many elements when it comes to design.  There are flooring, lamps, lighting, remodeling, CAD drawings and space planning, furniture selections and fabrics, and window treatments.  Window treatments are the icing on the cake to implementation.  There are so many wonderful ways we can make your home look good.  Today, we are going to focus on what rugs can do for your home.  Rugs vary, and that is a good thing.  Nature is beautiful when it comes to design.  We have organic textures, earthy hues, the blue ocean, and spring blossoms.  The good part is sustainably sourced materials….what else do you need to get inspired?   With designers, we are visual and keep the rooms balanced.  Take for instance, a flower sofa may require a more solid rug and you could border it with a color from the sofa.  Textured jute has so much interest with diamonds, basket weaves, and checker boards.  I may use jute rugs in a foyer or as a runner in a hallway.  We have a striped jute rug planned for a client’s family room in her farmhouse.  With our sources, we have ordered solid fuchsia rugs and orange rugs to mod café and traditional.  Rugs are generally not easy for most people to select.  We have an advantage and can order any size, color, and style.  The importance of scaling a room on paper gives you a more accurate sizing for your room.  A rug that is too small may shrink the feel of the size of the room.   Animal print rugs are very popular.  As a matter of fact, we are using a zebra rug in one of our projects.    In another project, we are planning to use animal print on the stairs.  The interesting part of the animal print options are they also come in some soft colors such as spa, gray, or neutral.   I would say animal prints are back in a big way.  So, if you are thinking of purchasing a new rug, put some thought into it and be responsible.