We have the honor of designing kitchens and baths, along with other home improvement designs.  Kitchens are more interesting these days.  There are so many gadgets, new appliances, and loads of countertops to select from.   Also, there are literally thousands of hardware choices. Although we are in the field of home improvements and consider these options an asset, our clients are overwhelmed.  We do the sourcing for our clients, figure out the best look, and present a few options to clients so they will not be overwhelmed.    The purpose of our profession is to help the customer/client make decisions and turn-key the project for them.   The classes and markets we attend keep us abreast of the newest trends.  We may challenge a new trend and suggest to the client a more classic transitional look to offer many years of enjoyment.  Trends tend to come and go quickly.  Although trends generally come back in a matter of years, such as remembering what your mother had may appear again in your lifetime.  Take for instance, gold.  Gold finishes are hot on the trail.  Mostly, it is patina gold.  Brass shiny figures tend to date a space.  But the newer antique golds and patina finishes represent a clean, transitional modern look.  I don’t know about you, but I love gold.  We used golds throughout our 20l8 Showcase home during Parade of Homes.  We thoughtfully used the finishes with the lighter colored walls.  We also used gold faucets and gold hardware on the cabinets.

Consider a new beautifully, livable kitchen for a “New Year”.