I often think of my days growing up with my grandmother’s and my mom’s traditional furnishings.  There was a sense of welcome at my grandmother’s home and my mom’s.   The expression Southern Charm usually meant something about the interiors of homes.  Traditionalism is how I would describe it.  I would say my grandmother’s home was as tailored and classic as any photo you see of old homes in the South.  Antiques layered with fresh linen print fabrics and chintz.   Maximalism was a good way to describe their homes because they liked many things.   Chartreuse greens, Robin’s-egg blues, and pinks are all thrown into those chintz fabrics.

I have had the privilege of being in homes all over and the older homes always capture my interest.   Maybe it was my upbringing.  If there wasn’t considerable maintenance involved with older homes, we would have purchased one to remodel.  I am so busy with my business; that spending time in an older home did not seem reasonable.  My home is 20 years old, and it already requires updating.   Of course, I see everything and imagine the next thing I want to do, but I am so busy, it usually must wait.  The other thing I remember are the crystal chandeliers and lots of mirrors.   These items are as elegant and a staple for old homes as well as new ones.  Most of our clients today desire more transitional. But we are seeing traditional coming back quickly.  Curves, beautiful fabrics, warmer colors, and more interesting furnishings for homes.