Remodeling can be a major undertaking, and requires much patience and organization.  Many clients come to us in the middle of a remodel after they realize they have gotten in over their heads.  Although it is nearly impossible to complete a remodel without at least a few issues, we have resources and experience that can save clients time and money.  We coordinate with professionals including tile and granite installers, plumbers, and electricians to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
There are many details and decisions to be made that can be easily overlooked in the initial planning phase of a remodel project.  An experienced designer can ask the questions that a rookie do-it-yourselfer may not think of.  Tile colors, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and paint colors can have a big impact on the finished look of the space.  A designer can provide renderings and floor plans to help a client visualize the finished space.
Before you pick up a sledgehammer, take the first step by hiring a designer!


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