What do you think the best decorating look is? Traditional, transitional, modern, urban, farmhouse, French country, English, or mixing? These are all good choices but figuring out which ones you like is not that easy. Because I have been a collector since I was 14, it is easy to figure out my style. But, as I have made changes, I mix a little abstract here and there and love my antiques. Some antiques I’ve collected are French, some are English, and some are American. I mix them all up with great fabrics and vintage rugs. I love beautiful fabrics and have an abundance of pillows throughout my house for accenting color. Mixing modern fabrics with basic traditional updates your home. I call it Plantation Style. I gave it a name of my own. Colors are important for decorating looks as well. I don’t steer too far from blue and green, but sometimes throw in a little red/coral or pink. We have found that 95% of our clients like blue the most. Whether they like modern or any of the other styles, it is the color that works with all the best decorating looks. Pick up a home magazine and most will have some variation of blue on their cover. Let’s concentrate on what you like. What are your Best Decorating Looks?