Around this time of year, nostalgia starts entering most of our minds. Thinking of our past, warm, and welcome feelings when visiting families, or vice versa. I started thinking about how to help clients achieve their goals as well recently when we started getting frantic calls. Time slips up on all of us. Many of our clients have memoirs from their families and like to include them in their décor. Since I love old as well as new, we are the right group to help them. I have a lot of my family treasures and when the holidays approach, I bring those out. I spend time treasuring the textiles as well as the antique silverware that my husband’s family left him. All it takes is one inspiration and you can move forward with an idea. When you start your festive Christmas decorating this year, think about some of the old artifacts you have sitting around your home and include those in your décor. For instance, I found a tree skirt some years ago that is from the 50’s. I use it every year. I love all the special appliques sewn on it. It is the little things that matter. No one knows how old it is, just that it is different. Best of Old and New married together.