In the design industry, it is important for us to continue to learn and stay on top of all the new products and technology.  With the changes happening faster than one can think, it is wise to continue to educate yourself as much as possible.  LED lighting, stain-resistant acrylic fabrics, recycled materials, and even new computer software are things that we learn about every day.  Many manufacturers offer weekly newsletters to educate us on their services, while some are releasing smart-phone apps to help us to research their products.  Another way we continue our education is through the High Point Furniture Market, where we have the opportunity to attend many classes and seminars with topics ranging from social media to website design to business management strategies.  Last market, we reaped the benefits of a kitchen and bath design seminar where we saw ideas from a design studio in California.

In addition to kitchens and baths, we also design drop zones, benches, built-in bookcases, fireplaces, furniture, rooms, and entire floor plans.  To help our clients visualize the proposed design, we utilize technology including 3-D modeling software and photo-editing software to complete renderings and floor plans.  We can drop in the paint colors, furniture, and fabrics for the client’s visual concept, and we continue to learn how to use these software programs more efficiently.

The ultimate goal of staying educated and learning new technology is to make our clients happy.  Upon seeing our proposal, clients are often overjoyed that their needs can be met in such a tasteful and elegant manner.  Once they approve the design, we move on to the budget.  Since we deal with costs and production every day, we can offer suggestions to suit our client’s budget.

In this ever-changing industry, we strive to educate ourselves on a variety of topics so that we can be equipped to serve our clients well.  Whether you are updating your dining room, remodeling a bathroom, or selecting finishes for an entire house, our years of experience combined with our growing knowledge of products and technology can be a great asset toward the completion of your project.  After all, hearing a client say “wow!” is what it’s all about.

Rendering v2