A project like this is a designer’s dream.  Our clients work so much and needed us to furnish the entire home.  We started with the master bedroom and the family room as a priority.  The rooms were to be painted and the fireplace surround was dated so we designed a mosaic tile replacement.  We planned the layout and furnishings and hired a painter.  The master bedroom furniture and bedding was delivered and set up first.  Next, we delivered a rug, two sofas, end tables, lamps and accessories for the family room.  This past week, we delivered a custom TV console to replace a built in cabinet from the 1990s.  The console is a piece of art with has two finishes; lighter front and linen glaze top, sides and legs.  We finished the console off with two blue pottery lamps.  We were so pleased with the final touches to the room and were beyond the client’s expectations.

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