With market around the corner, we are always excited to see what is new. What are all the big style changes? Most of the time, each vendor has new case goods, new finishes, and new textiles. They often have new chair styles and sofas. We are also all over the accessories and artwork. My staff are all designers and love looking at all the artwork available. We have a shipment from an art gallery showing up at the end of this week or next from California. Art, accessories, textiles, and textures are what makes a home beautiful. Multiple layers of texture, even if those are the same color spectrum. Textures make a house interesting. You can have whicker accents, antique brass, leather, textile pillows, sofa fabrics, rugs, lamps, wallpaper, pottery, plants, and artwork to change up the texture. Beauty is everywhere. It manifests itself in the simplest things. We appreciate pretty things and are always looking for that special accent for our client’s homes. When we see that something, we send a photo to our client to see if they have the same reaction we have. Creating timeless with the things you love becomes Big Style that is important to you and your family.