You may notice, the color world is trying to bring green back around again.  I like green, but we were so dosed with it in the past, it is sometimes hard to get past that.  If you grew up in a mid-century modern house, as I did, you probably had avocado green appliances and maybe even a green commode and bathtub.  Our entire bathroom including the sinks were avocado.   The kitchen stove top, double ovens, refrigerator, and sink were also avocado green.  When we sold the house 20 years ago, the person who bought it loved all the pine paneling and avocado green.  It is a one level house with three bedrooms.  These houses are actually very popular today, because of one level living.  We had two acres of land, but woods surrounded us.  As some would say, those were the good ole days.  The point is, as a child I started noticing what finishes and furnishings made up a house.  My father could do anything and would try anything so building our house with a friend came easy to him. He once faux painted our bathroom walls (only one bathroom in the house with 3 children).  He had an artistic talent.   If you look at your past, you will see where your thoughts, creativity, and even business skills come from.  Putting colors together is easy for our team when we are around so many beautiful fabrics and exposed to every possible new design at our fingertips.  We are seeing an array of greens in fabrics and magazines, but the first choice with our clients are blues.  Blue wins if you are keeping tabs.  Do not get us wrong, we love greens.  Green fabrics for screen porches are fresh and happy.   What color will your next purchase be?