I have always liked blue my entire life. Most of you know that I will squeeze blue into your lives when helping with your project. We use blue with just about every décor we plan. It is a great color for grounding a room. Pink and blue, green and blue which I love, yellow and blue, blue and white, blue and aqua, blue and teal, and just about any other combination you can imagine. Really, there is no end to blue and the many layers of blue that our design team likes to use. Our manufacturers are on our side with producing plenty of coordinating fabrics, rugs, and lamps representing blue. If we are using blue, you can be guaranteed that we will interject another color into the scenario as well for dimension. If your décor is overwhelming, the best gift you can give yourself is to hire a professional design team. A design professional can not only create the look and feel you want using blues or other colors but can also help you avoid costly mistakes. Let’s play with Blue-the new neutral for your home.

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