Sherwin-Williams Color of the Month is Indigo SW 6531, which is a bold blue.  Blue is a favorite color among people and it has been for years.  We think it will stick around too, because it’s such a calming color.  It’s also a color found in nature.

When using blue, try not to use it alone.  Pair it with other colors.  Get creative and have fun!  An ombre effect is always a good choice.  Start with Indigo and pair it with a medium blue, a light blue, a soft gray, and a cream.  If it is overwhelming, that’s okay.  We are here to help.  As designers, we specialize in color theory, and we can suggest paint colors for all areas of your home.  Your home should feel like a haven to you and color plays a vital role.

Now, back to the Indigo blue…This is such a bold color that we wouldn’t suggest painting an entire room with it.  Instead use it in small, eye-catching ways.  Try painting just the backs of your white bookcase or paint a small wooden bench, and then add some fun pillows to rest on top in some coordinating colors.  You can even have a console or chest re-painted in Indigo.  Another fun way to use this bold blue is to paint your front door with it.  You can even bring this bold blue into your home in other ways.  What about a bold blue sofa or a blue rug.  You can bring Blue in through accents, artwork and pillows.  Add eye-popping bold color throughout your home for a pleasing visual effect.