The one thing design firms probably have in common is their clients are asking for “bright and happy”.  We, of course, answer them that we have you covered, which means we know how to brighten up a room.  We begin by analyzing the light in the house and any reflection of light that is currently in the house.  We then determine the best color to use for paint, furnishings, and materials in each room that are all reflective.  For dark shadowed rooms, we want to make sure the ceilings are painted light, along with the walls and trim.  It is amazing what light colors can do to brighten up a room.  We have a designer secret which is Benjamin Moore Pearl finish paints.  Pearl finish is quite reflective and bounces light from wall to wall.   I do believe Benjamin Moore is the only company that makes Pearl finish paints.  Painters will swear that satin is as good, but we do not think so when it comes to reflective paints.   The materials on the sofas, furniture, and rugs should also be light to get the added benefit of enlarging a room and also adding light to it.  The light fixtures play a major role.  These days, we change out the can lights to 3000kw LED ceiling lights. We try to match the bulbs, as close as possible, for any other lamps to the ceiling lights.  We laugh when we are working on projects, because we feel like we are constantly going to school with the light bulbs and spectrums.  It is our goal to make your home “Bright and Happy”.