For anyone that has worked with us, they know that we prefer American handcrafted furniture that will last for generations to come.  We have become a stocking dealer with those manufacturers that are available to do the job.  I am pleased that more manufacturers are coming back to America to make furnishings again.   The manufacturing processes are healthier in America for their employees and the world, due to the procedures that are in place to reduce air pollution and chemicals.   It also pleases me that our fabric companies have begun to bring textiles back to America.  This will give our manufacturers better control over their quality.  It has been welcomed and needed to have more control over the products.   As a design firm, we are all about fabrics.   We love to feel the textures that are mixed in our client’s décor.  It is important to layer the feel of textures with depth in a single room.  For instance, we might have a coarse fabric on an ottoman and a smooth fabric on the sofa.  The pillows on the sofa will vary in color, weight, and texture.  Some will have a cord trim while some will have a tape trim.  Others may sport a print.  Linen prints have become popular again for pillows and curtains.  You can’t go wrong by adding pillows to your décor that are brilliantly designed.