A bedroom is often the last room in a house to get your attention, so we like to make it special.  Whenever we design a client’s dream bedroom, we create a balance between luxurious and laid-back.  Bedrooms reflect what makes the client comfortable and can become any style they want.  Fashions change, but good design always lasts.

To help our clients achieve their dream bedroom, we always ask many questions before we begin:

  • What other rooms flow into this room?
  • What colors do you like?
  • What other colors will you see when the doors are open?
  • Is there a view or any special features we should make the most of in your room?
  • Are there any problems to overcome?
  • What kind of storage do you need?
  • Should we make architectural changes, like enlarging doors, for example?
  • Is the natural light good or poor?  In what direction does your room face?
  • What kinds of artificial lighting do you need-ambient or practical?
  • What furniture or art can you keep/restore/replace?
  • What is the room temperature?  Do you need warmth in your bedding, layers or breathable cotton?

After analyzing the client’s needs regarding lighting, furniture, and bedding, we then propose a plan of action to get the project done.

Whether the style is contemporary, modern, traditional, or transitional attention to detail is key.  We keep the bedding, artwork, and color scheme harmonious and uncomplicated and then layer in pretty patterned shams, textures, and a few colorful accessories.  The comfort of pure linens, cottons, and silks also make getting a good night’s sleep just a little bit easier.   With our bedding lines like SFERRA Fine Linens, made of the purest and finest Egyptian cotton, and Bella Notte Organic Vat Dyed cottons, linens, and silks, you can’t go wrong.   Just recently, three different customers came into the store and fell in love with our Bella Notte Antique Velvet Oversized shams with loose ruffles.   One purchased what was on the display bed and for the other two we ordered the shams in Winter White.   A romantic and well-made luxurious bed is awaiting you with the help of our designers at June DeLugas Interiors in Clemmons.  Make an exploratory stop and you will not regret it at the “Shop around the Corner.”

God Bless!