The ultimate goal when we help clients with their homes is the finished house should radiate unabashed joy for the owners who will love every nook and cranny.  We are always working on multiple projects and the same result is desired by our clients.  Joy is the moment we step inside, and the chaos of everyday life seems to melt away, a place for relaxation.  Relaxation comes from the mood of the house: inviting upholstery furniture, colors, fabrics, textures, and lighting choices.  Lighting is a huge asset, and it sometimes takes some convincing of how important it really is.  If anyone knows me, they know I love beautiful lighting.  I am a collector and when I happen to see something I love shopping at markets, antique stores, or the antique markets in Atlanta, I purchase it knowing I will find a home.  Typically, it lands in my home replacing another light fixture. But often, I have found a new home for the light fixture with a client for the unique lighting I have collected.  We have lived in our home for l6 years.  We have a spec home, and the lighting was typical builder grade.  A spec home is one built by a builder to sell, not a custom build.  I have replaced almost all the lighting and honestly changed the entire house.  Turning your home into a Joy Home is the best thing you can do for your family.