My clients are moving toward a trend of having outdoor living that is comfortable and casual.  It sometimes involves a wall of cabinets, grill, and overhang for barstools.  Well planned is as important for this space as it is for your inside space.  Consider the brick color when you are adding to a colonial brick home that has white trim and brick or a painted brick new house.  You look at the best product to build what the client needs.  We start off the same way by creating a CAD or special layout, ask what the client really wants, and then we suggest the product that works best for their environment.  For one client’s project, we used blue stone as the base and flooring and brick to case the metal cabinets.  The cabinets housed a sink, grill, cabinets, and a countertop overhang for bar seating for guests watching the cook.  If their dream guests congregate like interior guests, the island is it. It is where most hangout.   Outdoor kitchens and loggia’s typically have sofa and chair seating.  Once cooking is over at the outdoor kitchen, all the guests, including the host might turn to the TV on the Loggia.   They gather around where comfortable seating is located and possibly watch sports or a Friday night movie.  This spring and summer have been a great year for JDI with purchasing outdoor furnishings and designing outdoor spaces.  It does not take long for outdoor furnishings to ship, so it is not too late for you.  It all sounds good.  If only I had the space, another casual living space would be in the works for me!


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