Each week we write blogs about what we do as a design firm and general contractor. What one might call casual, others might call sophisticated. We love it all. Mixing oriental accents on a bookshelf and modern fabrics for pillows is easy for us. We use our visual perception to marry them together. Sometimes we mix an old table with very modern dining chairs with chrome accents. Other times, we mix a new table with old chairs, but normally add fabrics to soften the look. Our younger clients like the midcentury modern furnishings and housing. It is a great look because some of us think it is vintage. The l960’s and l970’s was a special time for sure. Some of us grew up during that period. My own home was a mid-century ranch that my father helped a friend build himself. The studs were so close, not even a hand could be put through them. We still find those interesting, especially when they have some of the original origins of the home. Art, furnishings, colors, and fabrics make up the comfort of a home. Most tell us inviting is important to them. In some of today’s designs, mixing gold finishes adds warm touches to their homes. Mixing gold hardware and lighting is a good way to add warmth to cool colors. Casual sophistication is easy to achieve.