March is here and we are fortunate to begin the Spring season with the promise of good weather. We are always inspired to create new looks for our clients to enhance the joy of spending time with family and friends. We suggest you contact our design team early in the season to start your remodel projects, whether it is a kitchen or outdoor living space. When it comes to home remodeling, communal areas like kitchens and living areas tend to be top of mind.

June DeLugas Interiors is ready to introduce fresh ideas for your remodeling projects. Our team recently worked with a client to redesign her kitchen for the enjoyment of cooking and gathering with family. She said the kitchen is where she spends a great deal of her time. With a spark of inspiration, we began to re-imagine the kitchen and dining area with a fresh perspective on traditional. Through a collaborative design process, we designed a beautiful, timeless space with a mix of colors and patterns that celebrate the client’s personal style. We are happy to help new clients explore their styles as well, and customize environments with new furnishings, lighting, window treatments, and more.

For this or any project, large or small, we begin by creating a layout of the project at hand, whether indoors or planning for an outdoor living space. The layout plan is the road map for the entire project. It helps us evaluate the needs of the client. Our design team works two-fold, design build (design and construction of the project). We can also work solely on the design of a home if our client has already partnered with a contractor. We always love furnishing any space, whether remodeling or not.

Some clients contact us after their project is finished, whether inside or outside, when they have lived in their homes a while and discover that they are not quite finished with their wish list. We love finishing wish lists.

God Bless,