After much time at home this year, many clients are rethinking their spaces.  Kitchens and baths are at the top of the list to remodel or refurbish.   Those are the first rooms that look tired and so some ask, “Which one is the most important if we should sell our house?”.  We think the kitchen is the first investment to make, if the kitchen looks the worst.    The master bathroom would be second.  When clients call us out, we measure and create a CAD drawing to determine the best use of the space.  Then, we give the client a few choices for granite or quartz countertops, tile, cabinets, flooring, research lighting, and present several ideas for either the master bathroom or the kitchen and sometimes both.   The turnkey process we have with design and build is the simplest process for those that are working from home.  Children being taught at home also present a problem for parents to be able to get out to find product.  When they do, they find it overwhelming with all the choices and pricing.

Celebrate the New Year and take the plunge with a professional to get you started with a much-needed kitchen and bath remodel.    If you desire bold and beautiful, we love this style.  If your style is soft and light, we also love creating these spaces.  Timeless.  We are positive thinkers and think of this year as….A Year to Remember!