We are excited this year about Christmas decorating.   For me, I have always loved decorating every room.   It may be a little this and a little that, but it adds so much to the ambiance.   Lights, trees, ornaments, tablecloths, napkins, stockings, pillows, wreaths, garland, throws, candles, dishes and so much more.  Christmas tree decorating adds pleasure for me for my own home.   I have 2,000 ornaments on a nine-foot tree, as well as all the adornments such as ribbon, stems of berries, and fringes.  Sometimes time runs out and ornaments get left out.  I strategically place my years of collecting ornaments so that they highlight and shine.  I have my daughter’s first ornament alongside my granddaughter’s first ornament.  I love the sentiment and I know it will make my daughter smile. We are grateful for simple pleasures in life and Christmas decorating is one of those.   We wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

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