Resourcefulness is a big word, but when it comes to decorating for Christmas more is superior to less is more.  When I begin to pull out all my ornament boxes, they seem to multiply.  I keep looking for what else I might find in my attic.   You can’t always remember what you have until you unload the boxes.   Once the decorations are carefully unwrapped, the excitement is overwhelming.   I like to garnish the tree starting from the inside and move outward.  That way I can normally get my 1,000 ornaments on the tree and create depth, too.  The ornaments consist of handmade ornaments of calico fabrics made by me as an l5-year old through this past Tuesday night’s ornament exchange, which now includes a Hallmark’s collectable blue Santa Claus.   There is that one “if pigs could fly” ornament that I brought home from my store because I could not live without it, as well as the delicate hand blown chicken ornament that is so cute.   My tree is 9 feet tall with angels on two sides as the topper, streamers of ribbon flowing, and not a bow.   After decorating three trees in our store every year, I have to say that I am still excited to finish my own tree.

The dining room is where the artful resourcefulness can come in handy.   A beautiful centerpiece accentuates a glass top table in an elegant home while the Christmas tree picks up the colors in the attached living room.    The antique mantel courting an antique mirror is carefully decorated to work with the French theme of the room.   Flocked garland has additional lights to brighten the mantel.    Another dining room is set up in my own home with accents of blue, place cards, hand-lettered napkins with our initial and antique plates and silverware from the family.

Being resourceful with the things you have and the memories of your family’s past will be the future memories for your children.


Dining Room Dining Room Dining Room