What are your top three tips for successful holiday decorating?

  1. 1. Start decorating early, don’t rush yourself.
  2. Enjoy every moment of preparation whether it is decorating, cooking or entertaining.
  3. Cherish the time with your loved ones, they are more important than the details.

Are there any interesting colors your most astute clients are using in décor (in general) this year?

  1. In Christmas décor we are seeing mainly traditional colors this year, such as garnet, winter green, ivory, gold, and silver. You can always count on red in every household at Christmas.

Are metallics and shiny colors still ‘in’?

  1. Yes metallics are still in for the holidays we love a layered look of silver and gold for a tablespace or tree. Add mirrors for reflection, and everything shines.

Any fun ideas for decorating a tree?

  1. We love coming up with unique themes for decorating a tree. Whether it be a hobby, style, or place, this is always are great way to have your tree tell the story of you and your family.

How can homeowners use lighting to tell their home’s holiday story?

  1. Lighting plays such a large role in the overall ambiance and impression of your home. From the street view a well-lit entrance makes a difference. Try using luminaries, lit trees and landscape up lighting to reflect a wreath or front home décor. Candles flickering in your windows is simply beautiful.

In decorating a holiday table, what are some fun items to use?

  1. Your holiday table will be the centerpiece of your Christmas feast. We advise our clients to use a combination of greenery, with accessories and glassware. Arranging in different levels with contrasting materials and festive colors, makes for a beautiful and interesting centerpiece.

Finally, are there any items someone could make (maybe from natural stuff like pinecones,

natural garland) that customers could do for fun to help decorate?

  1. Natural materials such help to make your holiday décor and garlands feel authentic. Using natural items such as antlers, feathers, and live greenery, will enhance your décor.