Classic will never go out of style and the wonderful thing about today’s environment is you can easily blend Classic and Transitional together. Classic upholstery pieces can create a sense of comfort, while abstract artwork blend and add color. Abstract art can set the mood, by incorporating colors that you love such as blues, greens, golds, and corals. You can further customize your space by adding a neutral sofa and colorful chairs, paired with printed pillows to create a classy and beautiful look.

My choice for pillows are typically full of patterns, made up of large and small prints, geometrics, and antique fabrics. Do not forget the rugs and lamps which are also important to your design. More clients are asking for dramatic wallpaper and a change of lighting. Think of these ideas when you look to freshen up your home and create a space that is unique to you. Using these simple tips can transform your home from outdated to up-to-date. Changes are good for the soul of your home. Think of Old and New to bring new life into your home to make it perfect for today in every corner.