Design is an art, and when you hire a design firm that is the way most of us begin.  We look at every project as an artful way of expression.  When we find an artist who’s work we like, we remember them when we are working on projects.  Most of our clients love the art we have in our store, but sometimes we search their inventory for just the right painting and what will work in their homes.    Art unifies the room with color and emotion.   With so much confusion in the world today, having a safe home and a pleasing one is something to look forward to.  All of our design team benefits from making our clients happy with their environment.     Strategic planning, CAD drawings, fabrics, tile, carpet, wood flooring, rugs, paint colors, hardware finishes, lighting, cabinet styles and colors, and furniture are what we do to help clients.  We have meetings in our safe zone at our Clemmons store, where we set up an eight foot table for social distancing to meet with clients.   With remodeling and/or new builds with future plans, we are here to make this process easier.    Clients do not need to run all over town trying to tie rooms together.  Classic design comes with a plan.   We find that a crisis has a way of bringing creativity and innovation.    Designers have the courage to go beyond our comfort zones with fabrics, design, and lighting.  Let’s concentrate on classic design for your future.