We ask our clients all the time, what kind of style are you looking for? Most say classic. Of course, we always need to clarify what classic means to them. Classic can mean something different to everyone. We believe the classic style is timeless. A timeless design is not trendy or extravagant. Instead, it boasts classic beauty and a functional layout of furnishings. The classic design also means a great kitchen that works for the entire family. Kitchen and bathroom design seems to be a high priority for most families. The kitchen has always served as a great gathering place and a timeless staple in every home. Today you often find children and teenagers at the bar eating or doing homework. In recent years we’ve seen technology become a part of every home. There are often iPads and cell phones plugged into outlets charging. Many of today’s kitchens include TVs, but not mine! However, I can usually hear the TV playing in another room. There may be no one watching the TV, but for some reason, the TV is left on to fill the house with noise. Classic Elegance can be a number of ideas in one’s mind. We find it just plain old great design. Classic Elegance. What else is there?